Wright receives US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy Battery Award

2 MW of shaft power on the world's most advanced electric motor for aviation

The Wright Motor leads the industry in performance, delivering an unmatched power-to-weight ratio to enable zero-emissions one-hour flights.

Unmatched thrust at the lightest weight

The Wright Motor's 2 megawatts (MW) of shaft power paves the way toward enough thrust for optimal lift during the most critical moments of a flight — a new standard in electric aviation.
  • Tested to 1 MW
  • Lightweight and small volume
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Extended range capabilities for one-hour flights

Megawatt advantage for full passenger loads

Lift is a function of thrust minus drag, and by keeping our motor lightweight and drag-efficient, we minimize the lift required and maximize performance.
  • Testing at 1.5 MW
  • Targeting 1.5 MW for 50–100 passenger flights
  • 2.25 MW for emergency takeoffs

Dash 8-300 Plane

Technology Roadmap

Motor and inverter development
Propulsion fan development
Flight: One electric engine
Flight: Two electric engines
Flight: All four electric engines
Wright Spirit entry into service

Leading an industry in performance

Efficient takeoff for more passengers. Zero emissions.

The Wright Motor's exceptional efficiency and power-to-weight ratio will enable long-term energy efficiency for electric aviation.

Trusted by NASA, easyJet, the Department of Energy, and more.

Wright partners with airlines and maintains strategic collaborations with suppliers and aerospace industry leaders.
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