Wright announces Wright Electric Aircraft Engine Test Cell (WEAETC)
Supported in part by an award from the US Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency–Energy (ARPA-E) PROPEL-1K Program

The World's Lightest Electric Vehicle Batteries

Wright and Columbia University are developing batteries up to 4x lighter than lithium-ion, using next-generation materials and artificial intelligence.


Aluminum air battery designed for electric container ships and ferries
  • Up to 1,000 Wh/kg - 4x lighter than commercial off the shelf lithium-ion
  • Low discharge rates for long duration voyages
  • Low cost and abundant materials


Elevated temperature battery designed for electric airplanes and unmanned aircraft systems
  • Up to 1,000 Wh/kg - 4x lighter than commercial off the shelf lithium-ion
  • High discharge rates for fixed-wing aircraft takeoff profiles
  • Designed to meet aviation safety standards


Automated Experimentation with Radical Electrochemical Systems
  • Laboratory robots rapidly evaluate electrolyte formulations
  • Systematic screening uncovers relevant patterns
  • Applies techniques from high throughput drug development

Improving Aviation and Marine Vehicles

  • These batteries are tailored to address the demands of applications requiring superior energy density beyond the capabilities of conventional Lithium-ion batteries.
  • Wright's endeavors have resulted in the development of pioneering battery cell designs initially intended for electric aircraft propulsion, with versatile applications extending to sectors such as heavy-duty transportation, mining machinery, and advanced defense systems.
  • These batteries offer the potential to increase the operational range of heavy duty electric vehicles, enhancing the cost-effectiveness and viability of these platforms.

Reducing Environmental Impact

  • Wright's batteries aim to quadruple the operational range of aircraft, heralding a significant advancement in their capabilities.
  • These efforts pave the way for the realization of expansive zero-emission passenger aircraft, marking a pivotal milestone in sustainable aviation development.
  • Leveraging these batteries in semi-trucks and maritime vessels holds the potential to substantially mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and diesel particle pollution, fostering a greener and more environmentally conscious transportation ecosystem.

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Learn more

Wright Batteries are designed to improve the aviation and marine vehicle industry, while benefiting the environment. Please reach out if you are interested in collaborating with us.
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