Wright announces launch of the Wright Spirit 100-passenger airliner for zero-emissions one-hour flights →

The next generation of commercial air travel

wright 1

Flying passengers by 2030

Wright's single-aisle planes and propulsion systems are designed for zero-emissions flights under 800 miles.
Lighter Engines
Power-dense inverters
aerodynamic build
Technology →

High performance, clean technology. Zero emissions.

We're transforming flights, inside and out. Wright is committed to making every flight more efficient and better for the environment.
Our Mission →

Introducing the Wright 1

The Wright 1 is the only single-aisle, zero-emissions aircraft made for flights under 800 miles. It is projected to enter service for airlines in 2030.
The Wright 1 →

Wright's 10-year development vision

Wright motor ground tests
Wright motor flight tests
Certification of propulsion system
Wright 1 entry into service

Trusted by NASA, easyJet, the Department of Energy, and more.

Wright partners with airlines and maintains strategic collaborations with suppliers and aerospace industry leaders.
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Wright Propulsion Technology

Wright's electric motors and motor controllers are industry breakthroughs in their performance, weight, and size.

The next generation of airplanes

The first zero-emissions planes for passenger flight

Industry breakthrough electric motor

Disrupting 100 years of aviation

The next generation of airplanes