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The world's lightest ultra-powerful megawatt generator

The Wright Generator makes high megawatt power possible, even without a grid. Built upon the breakthrough Wright Motor technology used for aerospace, this generator is ideal for fleet electrification in austere and remote environments.

2x lighter

Half the weight and volume of existing generators, our generator makes vehicle electrification practical.

Rugged and versatile

The Wright Generator is capable of supplying power in military, marine, and aerospace environments.

Highly portable

The Wright Generator is sling-loadable and towable, making tactile battlefield recharging flexible.

The wright GENERATOR

Lightest in the game

Wright built its reputation in aerospace, where lightness and portability are top of mind. Our generator is half the weight and volume of off-the-shelf generators today.
  • 2 MW, scalable up to 15 MW
  • Sling-loadable and towable
  • Can be airdrop rated
  • Rapid recharge in remote areas
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Strong enough for the Air Force

The Wright Generator leverages technology supported by NASA and the U.S. Department of Energy, enabling large fleets, like the Army's 225,000 vehicles, to become electric.
  • Auxiliary power units for aerospace
  • Compact generators for electric trucks
  • Power supply in rugged environments, from military to marine
  • Transportable power for humanitarian and military missions
Selected by AFWERX for development testing as a Tactical Battlefield Recharger in support of the Department of Defense’s fleet electrification goals.

Rapid off-grid recharge

From air taxis and electric planes, the Wright Generator makes portable high power a reality for diverse use cases. Our lightweight technology design also reduces the cost of transporting power.
Feature of the generator 1
Feature of the generator 1
Feature of generator 2
Feature of generator 4

Learn more

The Wright Generator can be customized to achieve specific requirements, like noise, weight, reliability, temperature range, efficiency, volume, and more. We would love to learn more about your specific application needs.
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