Wright begins testing megawatt class high-performance motor →

By 2040, Wright will eliminate carbon emissions from all flights under 800 miles.

The Wright 1 will make all single-aisle flights shorter than 800 miles zero-emissions.

Landscape of aviation emissions chartLandscape of aviation emissions chart

45% of all aviation emissions are from single-aisle flights.

Single-aisle planes are the most common airplanes used by airlines, designed for short to medium-distance flights. If you have flown on Delta, Southwest, or easyJet, you've likely flown on a single-aisle plane. Currently, there are no zero-emissions single-aisle planes.

The Wright 1 is the first zero-emissions single-aisle plane, designed for flights shorter than 800 miles.

Total carbon emissions from aviation globally

1.04 billion tonnes of CO2

Wide-body and cargo flights


Light aircraft and personal flights

Wright 1 airplane

We're the long-term solution to carbon-neutral aviation.

Our novel propulsion system and upcoming Wright 1 airplane reduce emissions without a need for offsets. We're bringing zero-emissions flight down to the same cost as running a fossil-fueled fleet, and disrupting 100 years of aviation along the way.

Testing through 2023

We're integrating our propulsion system for diverse applications, collaborating with NASA, U.S. Department of Energy, and U.S. Department of Defense.

Flight certification by 2027

We're building a state-of-the-art aerospace lab in Albany, NY, to continue engineering our proprietary zero-emissions plane, the Wright 1. Our planes will fly up to 800 miles.

Wright 1 by 2030

With our propulsion system and enhanced plane design, Wright is developing the first zero-emissions airplane for everyday use, at a price comparable to fossil-fueled alternatives.

World-class engineering meets a vision for sustainable flight

Wright was founded in 2016 by Jeff Engler, is a serial entrepreneur who had long been concerned about reducing his own carbon footprint. He realized that air travel is a huge contributor to emissions, comprising up to three-quarters of a frequent traveler’s carbon footprint, and decided to do something about it. Jeff hired top engineers from companies like Boeing, GE and Bombardier to build Wright’s electric propulsion system.

Zero emissions up to 800 miles

The Wright 1 will make all short flights under 800 miles free of carbon emissions, in the U.S. and globally.
San Francisco
→ Seattle: 679 miles
→ Las Vegas: 414 miles
→ Atlanta: 696 miles
New York
→ Washington D.C.: 213 miles
→ Chicago: 740 miles
→ Minneapolis: 334 miles
→ Washington D.C.: 612 miles
→ Atlanta.: 606 miles

Our Leadership

We've brought together the brightest minds in aerospace and electrical engineering to make zero-emissions flight a reality.

Jeff Engler

Founder, CEO

Craig Hoover

VP of Programs

Patrick Biel

Director of Power Electronics

Colin Tschida

Director of Motor Development

Cameron Carnegie

Senior Configuration Lead

Our Partners

We have strategic partnerships with the U.S. government, airlines, and aviation suppliers.

Our Investors

We work with the world's leading investors.

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