Wright announces launch of the Wright Spirit 100-passenger airliner for zero-emissions one-hour flights →

The first zero-emissions passenger plane for airlines

The Wright 1 is a single-aisle aircraft created for airlines that fly short to medium routes of 800 miles or less. Designed for up to 186 passengers, the Wright 1 will enter service in 2030.

Zero carbon

We are creating the most powerful and efficient electric motor in aviation, to work with any sustainable fuel source.

Low fuel costs

Cost-effective by design, the Wright 1 has a propulsion system and aerodynamic body that use up to 20% less energy than a fossil-fueled plane.

Quiet and fast takeoff

The Wright 1 generates up to 20% less noise than a fossil-fueled plane, and is designed for fast passenger unloading, loading, and takeoff.

An engineering breakthrough

The Wright 1 will be the only single-aisle, zero-emissions aircraft engineered to meet the needs of airlines, customers, and our planet.

Regional travel made sustainable

Your air travel can be fully carbon-neutral. The Wright 1 will make all short flights under 800 miles zero emissions, in the U.S. and globally.
San Francisco
→ Seattle: 679 miles
→ Las Vegas: 414 miles
→ Atlanta: 696 miles
New York
→ Washington D.C.: 213 miles
→ Chicago: 740 miles
→ Minneapolis: 334 miles
→ Washington D.C.: 612 miles
→ Atlanta.: 606 miles

The future of propulsion

Wright's electric motors and motor controllers are industry breakthroughs in their performance, weight, and size.
Distributed engines
Power-dense inverters
altitude-capable propulsion
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A vision for sustainable aviation

Starting with the Wright 1, our short-haul passenger planes will transform flights under 800 miles for the future. Over the next two decades, our technology will eliminate emissions, lower fuel costs, and optimize the travel experience.
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