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Industry breakthroughs in weight, size, and performance

Wright's electric motors and motor controllers are powerful and versatile. In addition to aerospace, the Wright propulsion system can serve other industries, including maritime and transportation engineering, and is compatible with gasoline, wind, solar, and hydrogen power.
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The engines of our propulsion system.
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Frequency converters of our propulsion system.
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The Wright Motor

Disrupting 100 years of electric machines

Wright is developing megawatt class, altitude-capable electric motors for high performance altitude and ground-based applications.
The Wright motor reduces the weight of the overall system, maximizing payload and range.

Read more about the Wright motor.

The Wright Inverter

High frequency, medium voltage

Wright's inverters are designed for a high-frequency drive. The Wright inverter has a 300 kHz high-frequency output, compared to standard inverters which have 50 kHz to 100 kHz frequencies.

Wright's inverter uses a novel switching technology which reduces total losses by a factor of two over similarly rated systems.
Wright inverters are twice as power-dense as an industrial VFD and can be integrated into our motor and cooling system.

The Wright Propulsion System

Motor, inverters, and thermal management system

Wright's megawatt class, altitude-capable electric motors integrate seamlessly with Wright's inverters and thermal management system. Together, they make up Wright's full propulsion system, designed to be versatile and space-efficient.
Wright's full propulsion system is compatible with any energy source, from batteries to fuel cells. It can serve other industries, from maritime to transportation.

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Wright is interested in learning more about your high-performance requirements. Please contact us to discuss how Wright can solve your high-performance challenges.
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